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Coastal Sails

Rolly Tasker Coastal Cruising Sails are the midrange specification, popular for smaller yachts wanting the best price/quality ratio.  Coastal Sails are designed for recreational cruisers and club racers who look for a combination of durability and performance for boats up to 36ft. The sails are built in crosscut design in a strong construction finish with the use of High Modulus Dacron fabrics to ensure durability and shape retention.


Standard specification includes:

✓ Individual sail design

✓ High Modulus Dacron crosscut

✓ Seams two rows with UV stabilized thread

✓ Pressed grommets or rings

✓ Heavy radial patches

✓ Strong batten pockets

✓ Leech tapes with double row stitching

✓ Mainsails feature a nylon glass reinforced headboard

✓ Luff hardware shackled on

✓ Leech line with clam cleat

✓ One draft stripe for visual reference of sail shape

✓ Full rows of tell-tales

✓ Large sail bag and sail tie

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